Pyxis Founders

In 1994, I established an IT services company called CWB - it took a new approach.

We completed complex projects, mostly for banks, on a fixed-price, fixed-deadline basis. My team outperformed internal IT organisations and external consultants, which typically failed to deliver on time and within budget.


As a result, the company grew rapidly.

As the company grew, I knew it was essential to keep CWB’s distinctive small company culture and team spirit alive – but I wasn’t sure how to go about it. I met John Childress, a pioneer in the field of corporate culture transformation and co-founder of ground-breaking international consulting firm Senn-Delaney.

John was instrumental in building a new culture of safety at Three Mile Island nuclear power plant, following the nuclear accident there in 1979.

An advisor to global CEOs, John is an influential thought leader and the author of several books. He showed me how to create a thriving culture; we applied his methods to every aspect of daily working life at CWB, and to every stage of the employee lifecycle.

And it worked. Our revenue doubled year-on-year until I sold the company in 2001.

Now John and I have joined forces. Pyxis combines my technology and business transformation experience with John’s expertise in corporate culture. We believe culture is a business system connecting every part of the organisation and influencing how people deal with work issues, customers and each other. Key to any successful enterprise, culture encompasses people, processes and technology. Culture is an organisational ecosystem that either enables or blocks business performance.

– Christiane Wuillamie OBE

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